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42 Retractable Ceiling Fan with Led Crystal Light
Indoor Fan Solid Wood Without Light
48 Oil-Rubbed Bronze Decorative Fan
48 Roman Bronze Ceiling Fan
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52 Dark Brushed Bronze Ceiling Fan
52 Antique White Large Room Ceiling Fan
52 Peruvian Bronze Large Room Ceiling Fan
52 Roman Bronze Ceiling Fan
1. Some connections may become loose because of the fan’s natural operation. Please check the
support connections, brackets, and blade attachments twice a year. Make sure they are secure.
(It is not necessary to remove fan from ceiling)

1. How to use the positive and reverse switch of the fan lamp?
Answer: In the summer, set the switch at positive direction, the blades of fan rotate in the positive direction, it makes people feel cozy and cool....Answer: In the summer, set the switch at positive direction......
1. Installation must be carried out by a qualified wiring installer
2. Turn off the electrical mains at the circuit breaker fuse box
3. Use power supply 220~240v 50Hz

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