Warning !!!
Make sure the power is off at the electrical panel box before you attempt any repairs.

Problem & Solving

Fan not moving 1.Main cables not connected check main and branch circuit breakers or fuse
2. Wire connection loose check the line wires connections to the fan and switch housing
3. Reverse switch being turned on the middle place turn up/down of the switch
Fan noisy 1. Housing screws are loose Tighten all screws
2. Wire nut connections rattles against each other Separate and store neatly the wire nut connections
3. Canopy touches the ceiling check that the canopy is not touching or too close to the ceiling
Remote control not working 1. Remote and receiver code different check that the codes are exactly the same
2. Battery not installed install the remote control battery
3. Weak battery change a new battery

Here are some suggestions to help you maintain your fan.

1. Some connections may become loose because of the fan’s natural operation. Please check the support connections, brackets, and blade attachments twice a year. Make sure they are secure.  (It is not necessary to remove fan from ceiling)

2. Clean your fan periodically to help maintain its new appearance over the years. Do not use water when cleaning. Use only a soft brush or lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the finish. The plating is sealed with a lacquer to minimize discoloration, or tarnishing. This could damage the motor, or the wood, or possibly cause an electrical shock.

3. There is no need to oil your fan. The motor has permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings.

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