Company culture

Mogan from 95 years has created, over the past decade, in the "Moganshan plate, human health care"concept under the influence, aggressive, innovative, from the development of China's first "green board " to be posted The first panel industry, "China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate "; from the same industry in the first through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification to the nano-technology in wood-based panel production; from the first to offer "green home improvement package"to re-"green Star "title, Mogan people always use their own technology and cultural charm to create common goals and values, for consumers to create a green, environmentally friendly living space.

Course of many years of business people focus on innovation and the formation of a unity Moganshan good corporate culture, this vibrant team, to pursue the lofty goal of perfection, as always, continue to head ahead, beyond the self. Moganshan to "human health care"business philosophy influence and shape the generations of Moganshan human thought, providing new material for the Yunfeng inexhaustible resources and support.

Today, along with the enterprises from small to big, from big to strong, Moganshan excellence will continue to triumph, to maintain industry leadership, to create domestic green sheet of the first peak.

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